Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges in farm wooden lug boxesOur delicious Navel Oranges are now ready. Our fruit is really special because most of our trees are nearly 50 years old and the fruit gets sweeter each year as the trees age. Oranges are an excellent and tasty way to get a wholesome natural burst of vitamin C during cold and flu season. These fruits are really juicy and are a great addition to winter meals. They can be juiced to make the most amazing fresh squeezed orange juice. Because of their thick skins, especially earlier in the season, they’re best enjoyed when cut into wedges or slices.

Our oranges have not been sprayed with anything in the last year and all of our soil amendments are organic. The fruit that comes to you has not been washed, sorted for size, gassed for color, or treated with any preservatives or waxes. We sell straight-run fruit hand picked right off the tree. If you’re looking for untreated fruit direct from the orchards than you’ve found the right place. If you’d like to enjoy fresh picked California citrus order your boxes of oranges today.

At Chaffin Orchards we are known for our innovative out-of-the-box approach to farming. Over the last decade we drastically cut our fuel and other inputs by integrating livestock into our orchards. The sheep and cows can be used for mowing the orchard floor; the goats eat invasive weeds like poison oak, wild grape, Himalayan blackberry, and star thistle; then the chickens come in and eat bugs and also deposit their nitrogen rich manure under the trees. These old-fashioned farming techniques create fantastically sweet fruit.

The price includes FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States (we do not ship outside the country).  The navel oranges will be shipped to you in boxes that hold approximately 12lbs of fruit via USPS Flat Rate Box so be sure to include a shipping address that the U.S. Postal Service delivers to. You may order as many boxes as you’d like.

The oranges have suffered a bit of freeze damage so we’ve put them on sale. They still are juicy, sweet, and delicious but they have a bit of external damage that makes them not look as pretty.