Extra Virgin Olive Oil Futures

2104 Olive Oil is now available for shipping. CLICK HERE for details.Sorry – Our 2014 Olive Oil Futures Program has concluded.

We were so pleased and humbled by the speed with which we sold out of our 2014 olive oil futures. Each year the program gets bigger. The futures program allows you to purchase the olive oil you need for next year at the best possible price, while allowing us to fund our harvest. Please visit us again next season to purchase Olive Oil Futures.

Extra Virgin Mission Olive Oil

Olive OrchardsOur oil is a nutrient dense product that you can always trust is truly cold pressed, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from olives we grow ourselves and hand-harvest. We leave our oil unfiltered so its full nutrient profile is left intact. Our heirloom orchards are farmed the way olives have been farmed for centuries. It’s a non-toxic approach: no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. We make our olive oil exclusively from our heirloom Mission olives. Slow Food has listed Mission Olives on their “Ark of Taste” as an endangered variety in need of preserving. This is a very special product! These groves of olive trees thrive on highly mineralized volcanic soil fertilized with rotations of grassfed beef cattle and sheep.

Chaffin Orchards 100 year old olive grovesBy being involved in discounted reserve program, you not only insure that you get fantastic olive oil, but you’ll be helping us cover the heavy upfront costs of picking and pressing. Nothing about producing olive oil is cheap, especially when you’re dedicated to producing a cold pressed quality product of this caliber. Think of it as a CSA; you pay up front at the beginning of the harvest season, you purchase at a discounted price, and we get some help covering our harvest and pressing costs.

Many folks under-estimate how much olive oil they use. On average, we have found that a family of four uses about a half gallon of olive oil per month. If you make a lot of mayonnaise, salves, soap, or pesto that number could be a lot higher. We get emails everyday about how sad people are that they didn’t buy more to stock up before we sold out.

Buying Club/Wholesale Discount

Save when you order 10 gallons or more at a discount!
Take advantage of our bulk discount offer when you order 10 gallons or more (multiples of 2 gallons, shipped to the same address.) Lots of buying clubs, stores, and families are buying in bulk from us. So whether you’re ordering all for yourself, a group of friends, or to resell the product –  this is the deal for you. Bulk oil is shipped the same way as all other orders, so if you order 10 gallons, you’ll receive 10 individual BPA-free gallon jugs, which means you won’t have to fuss around with bulk containers. Our order form allows you to specify the quantity of each variety you’d like.

We have two different olive oils available:

Retro Chaffin Orchards LabelMID-SEASON (Spicy): This oil is from olives harvested about 4 to 6 weeks earlier than our late harvest. These olives produce a sharper oil that has a spicy finish and slightly higher polyphenol levels. This oil is great for salad dressings and savory applications.

LATE HARVEST (Buttery): This oil is harvested from olives that are fully ripe and they produce very soft mild buttery flavors. It’s an extremely versatile oil and most notable for making mild olive oil mayonnaise.

Order in the Fall and we ship your order at the beginning of the season. The oil is shipped in flat rate boxes through U.S. Postal Service. Each box holds 2 individual gallons. Feel free to order as many or as few gallons as you’d like; there is no limit on this special. However, all bulk orders must ship to the same address. Once we have received orders for the amount of oil we expect to produce, we will conclude the special, so please don’t wait to order.

NOTE: Orders for more than one variety may ship at different times.