Black Olives For Home Curing

Sorry, Our 2017/2018 Black Olive sales have closed.
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Black Mission Olives

Traditionally, Fresh Olive Season begins mid-September with our Green Olives, and Black Olives are usually ready a couple of months later. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter (at right) to keep informed about the availability of Black Olives.

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Curing black olives at home is a wonderful old-world tradition that many families enjoy as part of the harvest season. Our black olives are handpicked from the farm’s nearly 100 year old heirloom Mission olive groves.

These lovely black olives are a perishable product, fully ripe when shipped.  Have your supplies gathered, recipe in hand, and be prepared to begin curing them immediately upon arrival. We have included recipes below that can be used to create your own delicious home cured black olives.