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General Links

Weston A. Price Foundation – Everything you wanted to ever know about Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts.  A non-profit dedicated to researching hunter gatherer diets and ancient wisdom.

Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund – A cooperative legal defense fund for farmers.  FTCLDF protects the rights of farmers and consumers to engage in direct commerce; it protects the rights of farmers to sell the products of the farm and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice. FTCLDF is a true grassroots organization and receives no government funding and little or no corporate funding.

EatWild Grassfed Meat Resources – Looking for grassfed ranches in your area, start your search with EatWild.  Find everything you need to know about grass based livestock farming.  Great information on health benefits, animal welfare, environmental benefits.

ATTRA – More resources than you can imagine for sustainable farming.  Also has a fantastic listing of on-farm Internships around the country.  They also did a nice article about our farm if you’d like to check that out.

SARE Sustainable Ag Research and Education – Great listing of regional sustainable ag grants available as well as lots of new research on positive projects that have been successful on farms.

Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) – USDA dept that handles conservation assistance, farmland protection, grazing lands conservation and managment, preservation of open space, and national soil surveys.  Look up your Soil Maps here on their interactive GIS maps.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) – USDA National Agricultural Library site about sustainable and organic food production systems and practices

APPPA American Pastured Poultry Producers Association – nonprofit educational and networking organization dedicated to encouraging the production, processing, and marketing of poultry raised on pasture.

GAPS Diet – Gut and Psychology Syndrome created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to enable people to heal and seal their gut to cure a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms.

Acres USA – For over 35 years Acres have been the primary magazine offering a comprehensive guide to sustainable agriculture. They bring the latest techniques for growing bountiful, nutritious crops and healthy, vibrant livestock.

Agri Dynamics – Provides natural products for treating and preventing livestock, equine, small pet and human health issues.

Premier Electric Fencing – If you’re looking to find electric netting you need to be aware of what Premier offers before you do anything else.  If you’re unfamiliar with electric netting and it’s benefits watch one of their how-to videos.

Finding the Good – A unique alternative education experience for high schoolers.  Students join a travelling semester and go up and down the state, not only immersing their studies in environmental issues, but also learning about modern media and how to record and share stories effectively.

EcoFarm – One of the best of foremost conferences on alternative and organic farming.  Farmers travel from all over the west coast to congregate and share their stories.  Top name authors, researchers, and thriving farmers are brought in from around the globe to host lectures.

Common Vision – Plant the Future – Bringing sustainability education in their fleet of veggie powered vehicles to schools all over California.  Common Vision not only brings needed information to school children but they teach them about farming through planting orchards on the school grounds, the fruit from which can eventually be added into school lunch programs.

Hoes Down – The most fantastic, wholesome, beautiful farm festival you can imagine.  Looking for good old fashioned fun, come as thousands from northern California visit Full Belly Farm.  Enjoy horse drawn wagon rides, milking cows, sheering sheep, grinding grain, baking bread, making flower wreaths, gourd crafts, a zip line, orchard walks, guest speakers, contra dancing, circus acts, amazing regional organic food, beer, and wine, headlining bands, and some of the finest food and craft vendors from around the state.

Peaceful Valley – a fantastic resource for home gardeners and family farms.  With a wide variety of specialty seeds, garden tools, drip irrigation parts, homesteading essentials, and more.

Lehmans – The premier supplier to preppers, rural homesteaders, and the Amish.  These folks are your source for old fashioned, non electric parts including food preservation and processing supplies, glass oil lamps, fireplace stoves, gas refrigerators, farm tools, personal care items, livestock supplies, and more.

Soil Food Web – The soil is like a giant digester breaking down organic matter and transporting chemical materials throughout the soil profile.  If you’re interested in gut flora at all there are a lot of similarities.  Dr Elaine Ingham, now the head scientist at Rodale, has spent here career studying and mapping the soil food web.

Mercola – a clearinghouse of information for alternative health and healing

Mission Olive Preservation – Striving to preserve the important cultural link of the California Mission Olive tree for the purpose of general public education and enjoyment of the historical significance, culinary heritage, and health benefits of the Mission Olive tree and its oil.

SlowFood USA – rediscovering our nation’s food culture through creative ideas, lifestyle, and community eating. It is part of a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members in over 150 countries, which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

Holistic Management International – the leader in teaching grazing management to livestock producers interested in enhancing landscapes through grazing.  They also promote a holistic, big picture decision making framework to help you accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner.

Grazing Vineyards – While Chaffin Orchards is known for being one of the first and only farms of our scale to succesfully integrate livestock in orchards, Kelly Mulville pioneered utilizing poultry and livestock in vineyards.

Polyface Farms – Joel Salatin’s farm could be compared to the religious homeland for alternative agricultural farms.  Joel has been actively promoting ecological, chemical free, farming for the last three decades.  His farm is integrated, diversified, and dedicated to local.

Michael Pollan – One of the most brilliant thinkers of our time, Pollan was one of the first voices to be heard among the mainstream about the perils of the industrial globalized food chain and how consumers could be the force of change in their own communities.  His most well-known work is the best-selling book Omnivore’s Dilemma but his website offers a whole myriad of other valuable resources.

Farmstay US – want to opt out of a traditional hotel and vacation. Take your family to rustic working family farm.  Enjoy your respite from everyday challenges as you enjoy the quiet solitude of rural living.

EatReal Fest – With annual events in both Oakland and Los Angeles ERF delivers one of the most stunning food events you’ll ever attend.  With cook-offs and competitions including activities like old world hand meat cutting skills, pedal powered olive oil mayonnaise, kombucha classes, beer and wine making, and more.  They also feature gourmet food trucks from all over the west coast.  They promote healthy fats, the true value of grassfed meats for both the eater and environment, community centered food distribution, nose to tail eating, and whole new world’s of taste and flavor.

Local Harvest – The premier site to find your local food producers, sustainable restaurants, CSA’s, and artisinal producers that ship their products. Plug in a zip code from anywhere in the country and immediately be integrated into that region’s direct-from-grower food movement.  It’s an invaluable resource when travelling to either find healthy farm fresh food, or places to visit and see that area’s farms.  You can also use their Online Shop to ship value added goods to your friends and family for the most elegant gifts.

Sustainable Table – celebrates local sustainable food, helping you find your area’s growers.  They also produce an eclectic array of educational resources for consumers on food-related issues.

LocalDirt – connecting regional growers and buyers all over the country.

Baker Creek Seeds – some of the world’s most incredibly rare and delicious fruits and vegetables come from the seeds that are maintained and sold by Baker Creek Seeds.  They also put on an annual National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa to bring authors and speakers from all over the globe to celebrate heirloom plants.

American Livestock Breed Conservancy – preserving heritage and endangered breeds of livestock from all over the world to help maintain a strong diversified genetic base for livestock producers.

SandHill Preservation – Heritage seeds and poultry varieties.

Natural Resource Conservation Services – This organization is dedicated to helping land owners and food producers preserve their natural resources and has cost sharing grants to help growers build more efficient systems to better manage their land.  They also maintain the National Soil Survey Maps which have detailed soil maps of the entire country.

Eco Results – Author Dan Dagget’s site about how livestock when managed correctly can actually be the catalyst used to restore and enhance properties the way nature uses migrating herds for positive impact.

Permaculture Principles – Nature never views a resource as waste, and we ought to start looking holistically at how we build civilizations and mimicking these principles.  Learn how to integrate efficiency and resilience into your sphere of influence.

Quivera Coalition – Promotes economical and ecological restoration on western range landscapes through research, educational workshops, mentorship programs, and establishing appropiate monitoring protocols.  They’re redefining the paradigm through collaboration by creating positive approach to progressive public and private land stewardship

Ranching for profit – farming and ranching are struggling businesses no matter how you approach it.  It’s innate in our culture to devalue food and it’s producers.  We have an very strong cheap food culture in this country.  RFP teaches you how to maintain the rural lifestyle you’re attracted to without pulling your hair out trying to make your business economically sustainable.

Know Your Farmer Know Your Food – the USDA’s resource page to help promote a local foodshed.  If you’re a fellow producer be sure to read their Grants, Loans, and Resources page.

All Things Grassfed – Chico State’s resource page for growers including grazing studies, marketing tips, processors, and more

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Local Chico/Butte County Resources

Chico Butte Valley Weston Price Chapter – Chaffin Family Orchard’s farm owner Carol Chaffin Albrecht, and her best friend Kim Port (the farm’s homeschool teacher), were frustrated that Chico didn’t have a Weston Price chapter.  So they decided to start their own.  Initially envisioning a small network of a few dozen mothers, in a few short years they’ve grown to nearly 500 regular attending members and have become one the major political powerhouses in our area making positive changes towards our community’s health and well-being.  Join the meetup group here to see all the amazing free cooking classes, guest speakers, and special events they’ve got coming up.

Chico Farmers Market – A 30 year old grower’s market featuring a vast array of farm fresh local goodies including fruits, vegetables, eggs, pastured poultry, variety of tree nuts, artisanal baked goods, pies, pasta, wild caught seafood, grassfed meats, olive oil, organic pork and sausage, sprouts, honey, organic rice, nursery plants, handmade crafts, and more.  Every Saturday in downtown Chico, all year round rain or shine.

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative – Chico’s own alternative grocer buying direct from the grower and helping consumers making healthier and more eco conscious food buying decisions.

Sierra Oro Farm Trail – Featuring the many prominent farms and wineries in and around Butte County.  Come join us for the annual farm trail event where trailgoers can visit a festival at each farm throughout Columbus day weekend, travelling from one location to the next at their own pace.

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 – This historical olive grove, located near our own farm, will be celebrating its Centennial in 2013.

Butte RCD – focusing on the value of sustainable food production while preserving our ecosystem.

Butte Environmental Council – Dedicated to restoring and enhancing Butte Counties abundant natural resources.

Chico Grange – Chico has a very active grange with a great meeting hall that puts on all sorts of workshops with classes on everything from gardening to beekeeping.

Edible Shasta Butte – Covering all of the north valley above Sacramento, ESB covers local growers, farmers markets, olive oil producers, food events, and focusing on building a new culture around eating.

Edible Sacramento – Sacramento’s Edible magazine is the region’s premiere local food magazine

This way to Sustainability – Northern California’s premier sustainability event put on by California State Chico University.

UC Small Farm Center – California’s source for training, educating, and building cooperative networks between small farmers.

GRUB Cooperative CSA – A network of brilliant growers residing on a beautiful property in walking distance from downtown Chico.  Producing row crop, orchard fruits, and livestock, Grub sells through CSA, farmers market, and at Chico Natural Foods.

Chico Velo – A community of local cyclysts putting on stellar riding events throughout the year.  Their 100 mile wildflower century ride which goes right through our farm is one of their most famous events.

Bidwell Park – Chico Creek Nature Center – One of the most famous parks on the west coast, Chico is home to legendary Bidwell Park.  The 3,618-acre city park straddles Big Chico Creek Canyon for 5 miles.

Massa Organics – just 20 minutes outside of Chico, this well known Northern California brand produces some of the most delicious brown rice, truly raw almonds, wholesome wheat flour, and almond butter you’ve ever tasted.

Alldrin and Sons – Lance Alldrin, local school teacher, spends his time off from school in the summer catching wild salmon in the pristine waters of Alaska with his sons.  He brings his catch back to his cold storage facility here in Chico and spends his winter Saturdays with his families selling at the farmers market.

Oroville Hope Center – The farm donates a portion of it’s income to this ministry that helps struggling individuals get food and clothing and will even train them to help them find jobs.  Some of their trainees have even worked here for a season learning about growing their own food and to get a good reference on their resume.

Green Transition Chico – dedicated to building sustainability into everyday life.

Gaia Creations – has been providing the Chico community at broad with ecological landscaping and home project solutions for over 10 years.

Miller’s Bake House – world-famous baker David Miller lives just a few miles up from our ranch. His dedication to old world techniques and incredients of the highest caliber make Miller’s Bakehouse a very unique place.

Livewire Fencing – located in Marysville, Ca these guys are your local source for all of your livestock electric fencing needs.  Their skilled step will guide you through every step of getting your rotational grazing system set up.

Chico Enterprise Record – Butte County’s daily newspaper.

Chico News and Review – CN&R covers cutting edge issues and cultural events in their weekly paper.

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