Moroccan Style Olives - Photo by Jenny McGruther of Nourished Kitchen

Year of the CowNOW A BOOK! Emmy award winning Jared Stone bought a steer from us a few years back and cataloged how to cook each cut in a unique and fun way.  Stone is a big proponent of nose-to-tail eating and wants to best utilize each piece of the animal.  On top of all this he’s hilarious, which makes his writing tremendously entertaining.  Don’t miss this great blog!

Nourished Kitchen – One of the most popular bloggers on the internet, Jenny McGruther, is a true artist.  She’s an extremely talented food photographer who has a keen understanding of eating in season, supporting your farmer, food politics, and creating delicious recipes.  In addition she manages her local farmers market and brings all that flavor and knowledge of working with her local foodshed to her blog.

Urban Homestead – Our dear friends the Dervaes Family, who have been featured on countless tv and documentary spots for their innovative urban farming, have a phenomenal blog.  The whole family is as real as it gets and they hold true to their beliefs and ideals.  We have tremendous respect for the legacy they’ve built and their alternative commendable approach to healthy food production and self-reliance.

Kelly The Kitchen Kop – Kelly is a dear friend of the farm.  She’s a hard working mid-western mom who has strong values but when it came to food choices in her busy life she used to choose convenience over nutrition.  She learned about Weston Price in 2004 and was amazed at all the changes it made for her and her family.  She’s been blogging to network with others and record her journey into sustainable healthy eating.  She has received many awards and accolades for her tell-it-like-it-is style of writing.  She also has a great online class Real Food For Rookies which is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about a traditional diet.

Grow Organic – Farm and garden supplier Peaceful Valley has a tremendous selection of really useful tools of the trade for organic farmers and gardeners.  They also have a great blog and and quite possibly the finest do-it-yourself YouTube Channel you’ll find anywhere.

Food Renegade – Interested in food politics, healthy eating, and sustainable agriculture?  Nutrition and wellness coach, Kristen Michaelis, brings all that and more.  This is one of our all time favorite blogs.  It always delivers hard-hitting info that doesn’t pull any punches.

Permies – Admittedly this one is really a vlog, but Paul Wheaton has an extraordinary YouTube Channel that covers all topics related to permaculture and ecological living.

Tender Grassfed Meat – Author Stanley Fishman never disappoints in this riveting blog.  Every post has content just as good as his books.  You’ll never see steaks, grilling, or meat in general the same way again.  Stan’s always bringing the coolest information about traditional cooking of grassfed meats.

Honest Food: Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook – Author Hank Shaw is one of those amazing unbelievably well rounded individuals that is disgustingly good at everything.  The title of his blog says it all.  He does all that and then writes about it exsquisitely.  A mixture of organic, small farm, slow food, eat local, foraging, self reliance, live off the land, and eating in season.  This guy is outstanding.  His blog was nominated for Best Food Blog by the James Beard Foundation and his recent book Hunt, Gather, Cook is an incredible resource as well.

Render The Fat – Former vegetarian Amber Harman talks about her switch to Paleo and what it’s done for her life.  She’s also a classically trained chef so she brings a really fun perspective to her posts.  Watch for this blog to really explode in the next couple of years.  Amber is a great writer and excellent photographer.  Enjoy!

Gnowfglins – Hard to pronounce but a great blog.  Wardeh lives in southern Oregon and blogs about her life, small farm, and eating healthy nutrient dense food.  Her blog name stands for God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season.

Simply Recipes – Elise Bauer is another blogging powerhouse.  If you like simplicity and elegance bundled into the same package, than you’ll love this blog.  Her recipes are easy to make but at the same time they are real showstoppers.  If you want to impress some guests or eat some splendidly delicious food be sure to check out her blog.

Animal Welfare Approved Blog – AWA is one of the the most stringent humane animal treatment programs for livestock producers in the world.  Their blog is chock-full of information for both consumers and farmers.  Everything from recipes, to producer bios, to up-to-the-minute political news; it’s all here!