Aug 2009 Cover - The Real Cost of Cheap Food

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food – a collection of stories catologing the collateral damage of modern food production.  Going back to the tale of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, through food borne illness outbreaks, the increasing number of recalls, to modern documentaries like Food Inc.

Eating Better Than Organic – The debate between local food and largescale distant shipped organic rages.  However often your local farmers farm to organic standards but aren’t certified.  You might be missing on the best of both worlds.

The Amazing Benefits of Grass-fed Beef – Do not miss this FANTASTIC Mother Earth News article by Richard Manning who wrote Against The Grain a book well-worth the read.  For decades, Manning has been talking about the immense healing benefits of properly grazed grasslands.

Everybody Eats: How a Community Food System Works – This innovative diagram on how a healthy local foodshed works together integrally

Love And Lies – Phenomenal article by author Michael Pollan about how plants get animals to transport their genes for them using biochemistry, psychology, and sexual attraction to draw insect pollinators and then animals to move their seeds.  If you like this article be sure to read Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World and the subsequent PBS Documenatary with the same title.

Seasonal Grass Fed Beef – Not enough people talk about the seasonality of grassfed beef.  One of the reasons feedlots were invented was to take shelf-stable dried grains and feed them all year round.  The negatives of that system clearly outweigh the benefits but when you go back to a grass based system it changes the way the cattle raised which in turn affects when beef and how beef is available for consumers.

My Prices Are Not Too High: A Farmer Fires Back – Most small family farmers, while they may have higher prices, usually make a smaller margin (if any at all) simply because they are passionate about their ideals.

How Eating Grass-Fed Beef Could Save the Planet – Raising beef with management intensive grazing, or mob-stocking which mimics herding behavior in nature, how’s the power to improve grasslands very quickly and sequester massive amounts of atmospheric carbon.

Back to the Earth Again – Many believe we’ve already passed peak oil and that the human race is streaming towards tremendous catastrophe as the result of resource depletion.  Homesteaders, preppers, and permaculturalists around the world are looking at innovative ways to build structures, grow food, minimize waste, and live comfortably.  TIME Magazine has done a nice article on the movment.

Eat Wild: Grassfed Basics – An article by Jo Robinson about why grassfed ruminants and pasture raised omnivores are the best choice

Chickens Are Omnivores It’s No Dilemma – Throughout grocery store shelves you see “Vegetarian Fed” on egg labels, however chickens are not vegetarians.  They’re designed to be omnivore’s and thrive on a protein rich diet.  Chickens love nothing more than hunting for bugs, snakes, lizards, mice, as well as carrion.  There’s a reason every home should have a few chickens in the back yard.  They turn all your household kitchen scraps into delicious nutritious eggs and eventually stewing hens.

This Land is Your Land – The godfather of alternative animal agriculture, Joel Salatin, is featured in this TIME Magazine as an agrarian libertarian talking about his “Beyond Organic” farming style.

Splendor from the Grass – A groundbreaking article by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig of the Weston Price Foundation about the why animal protein is healthier and why it health benefits are maximized when the animal was raised on grass.

An Inconvenient Cow – Former Joel Salatin apprentice, Matt Rales, gives the skinny on why we here so often that livestock are destructive to the environment and waste non-renewable resources.  He breaks through the confusion and contrasts the negatives of modern industrial livestock production vs. the environmental and health benefits of pastoral farming.

Grass-Fed Revolution – TIME Magazine highlights the explosion of demand for grassfed meat products and how ranchers around the country are responding to that demand.

Why Grassfed Animal Products Are Better For You – This is a really great bullet point list of the health benefits of grass-fed over conventional meats or plant protein done by Dr. Mercola

Supermarket Meat Comes From Sick Animals – An expose article from the inside of modern confinement animal (CAFO) operations.

Why Grassfed Matters – Article by Nicolette Hahn Niman author of The Righteous Porkchop listing the numerous reasons to buy local, grassfed meats, directly from your rancher.

Holistic Approach to Cancer – As cancer and auto-immune diseases ravage modern society everyone is looking for reasons why and what to do about it.  This article by Dr. Tom Cowan sheds an innovative light on the issue.

Switching to Grass-Fed Beef – Research done by our friend Dr. Cindy Daly at CSU Chico is featured in this New York Time’s Health article about what specifically makes grassfed beef so different from feedlot beef.

Weston Price Dietary Guidelines – Dr. Weston A. Price found some very fascinating things in his research journeys around the world.  He found that nearly all tribal peoples had tremendous health and many of them shared the same “sacred” foods.  This became the basis of his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.  The dietary guidelines are basically a stripped down bullet point list derived from his immense amount of research done all over the globe.

There’s More to Like About Grass-Fed Beef – From New York Time’s Dining section learn about the leaps and bounds the pastoral based livestock industry has made