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San Francisco Chronicle
This article ran on the front page of the Chronicle on a Sunday in May 2010
Small Butchers Wary of USDA’s Food Safety Plan

Edible Shasta Butte
Sense of Place Spring 2007
Sense of Place Summer 2007
Sense of Place Fall 2007
Sense of Place Winter 2008

Edible Sacramento
A Safari at Chaffin Orchards

Attra News
Livestock and Orchards Go Well Together

Chico Enterprise Record
Butte County pilot project will test composting toilets & gray water systems

Chico News & Review
Exactly Like Homemade – Cottage Food Bill AB1616
Finding Common Ground
Locavore King
Sustainable Wellness
Talking Tooth Care
Sierra Oro Farm Trail
Anti-GMO Top Dog Coming to Chico
Our Local Heroes
Milk Goats 101
Get Your Lacto-Ferment On
Home on the FreeRange

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Interview with Chris Kerston – What Makes Chaffin Orchards Unique

Kelly the KitchenKop
Living the Dream Life of a Businessman Farm
Why Pay More For Olive Oil
Wise Traditions Conference 2010

Year of the Cow
This entire blog is dedicated to purchasing half a Chaffin Grassfed Beef and how to cook all the cuts
Meet the Meat

Wise Traditions 2011 Video and Recap
Wise Traditions 2010 Video and Recap
Cooking Real Food – 15 Tips for Beginners
Wise Traditions 2008

Stanley Fishman – Author of Tender Grassfed Beef 
A Better Sustainable Way to Farm

Innovation on a Family Farm: Animals Replace Fossil Fuels

Finding the Good
Visit to Chaffin Family Orchards
Ode to Olive Tree 

Peaceful Valley
Photoshoot at Chaffin Orchard

Beyond Halaal
Tawhid on the Farm

In A North State Garden
The Homesteading Instinct: An Interview with Chris Kerston 

Tripping Awake
Our Families Visit to Chaffin Orchards

SF Examiner
California Gold on the Sierra Oro Farm Trail: Chaffin Family Orchards
Farmageddon in Chico, a must see movie for foodies
Olive Oil and Chickens

Soup & Bread
Intern Field Trip to Chaffin Orchards

Fruit Guys 
CSA Farm Profile

Valley Oak Magazine
Chaffin Orchard’s Eggs Are Worth It – The True Cost of Food
Fall in the Hen House
The Olive Cure
Farmageddon: A review of the wakeup call to the food movement

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Kudos to Carol Chaffin Albrecht

US Wellness Meats – Grassland Beef
2011 Wise Traditions Conference

Edible Communities
Old Farm New Tricks 

Animal Welfare Approved
Chaffin Family Orchards

Chico Natural Foods
Chaffin Orchards Farmer Profile

 The Elliott Homestead
Chaffin Family Olive Oil – A finer thing in life

Suburban Permaculture
Chaffin Orchards Hosts Joel Salatin in Chico

Hartke Is Online
How to Choose a Healthy Olive Oil

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Joel Salatin Visits Chaffin Family Orchards – Channel 12 KHSL

Joel Salatin’s talk in Chico – Part 1
With Weston Price intro by Carol Albrecht
And Chaffin Orchards overview by Chris Kerston

Joel Salatin’s talk in Chico – Part 2

Peak Moment – Chaffin Family Orchards

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Podcasts and Radio

Prepper Preparedness
Homesteading Special

Chris Kerston on Olive Oil and Sustainable Farming

Know Your Food Podcast (Listen Here)

More Hip Than Hippie
Backyard Chickens with Carol Albrecht (Listen Here)
Raw Milk with Carol Albrecht (Listen Here)

Positively Healthy
Collaborative Event with Legislators (Listen Here)
Joel Salatin in Chico (Listen Here)

Let’s Move Chico! – Farmageddon Screening (Listen Here)
Homesteading – Hank Will author of Plowing with Pigs & Chris Kerston (Listen Here)

Focus on Food – 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles
Episode 11 Mindful Eating

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Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese by Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
Tender Grassfed Barbecue by Stanley Fismman
California’s Olive’s, Olive Oil, and Vinegars by Richard Calhoun
California Adventure Foods by Richard Calhoun

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